How to Mount / Hang a Rustic Mantel

Want to know how to mount a rustic mantel shelf? It requires a certain amount of expertise to mount a mantel. Some of the mantels, like the old barn beams, weigh about 75 to 125 pounds. These need to be installed safely.  Here is how you must go about the process of installation of the mantels. There are various methods of mounting the rustic mantel. Here are different ways on how to hang a rustic mantel. Continue reading “How to Mount / Hang a Rustic Mantel”

How to Decorate a Rustic Mantel

Mantel is the construction framing, which is the opening of the fireplace and generally covers that part of a chimney breast in an artistic manner. It came into existence from the medieval period. Its primary purpose was to act as a hood and thereby prevent the smoke from reaching the room and instead diverting it into your chimney. Apart from the functional point of view, the mantel forms a focal point of decoration. Continue reading “How to Decorate a Rustic Mantel”