How to Decorate a Rustic Mantel

Mantel is the construction framing, which is the opening of the fireplace and generally covers that part of a chimney breast in an artistic manner. It came into existence from the medieval period. Its primary purpose was to act as a hood and thereby prevent the smoke from reaching the room and instead diverting it into your chimney. Apart from the functional point of view, the mantel forms a focal point of decoration.

Ways to Give a Whole New Look To Your Rustic Mantel

Wondering how to decorate a rustic mantel? Here are innovative ways to make your rustic mantel stand out.

Overlapping Creates a Stunning Visual Effect

The wooden pallet can act as a beautiful backdrop while painting and photo frame cam overlap each other for creating a stunning effect. You can use candle holders to complement the layered look the mantel décor.

Off-Balance Makes a Difference

You can create a striking visual effect by using a combination of sofa pillows and simple accessories. The unrelated items create the perfect and restrained look.

Stunning Layered Look

You need not use expensive artwork to make a big difference to your mantel decoration. All you would need is many empty frames of different finishes and sizes on the rustic mantel shelf. You can complete the décor with a couple of accessories such as a ‘vintage croquet’ mallet with greenery and flowers.

Spring Medley

Give a fresh spring look to your mantel by combining florals with the chalkboard sign. The chalkboard sign is a perfect addition to the living room or kitchen as it can be upgraded with seasonal greetings or information. You can impart the spring look with pink and peach blooms along with the vintage ‘glass bottle’ stands.

If you are pondering on how to decorate a rustic mantel and give it a fresh new look, the ideas above can help you sail through the task.