Rustic Mantel Beam Shelf

Rustic Mantel Beam

Nestled amidst the scenic foothills of Denver, Colorado, we are one of the leading mantel manufacturers in the country. Our skilled artisans have been creating stunningly beautiful rustic mantels since 1999. Carefully hand-sanded and custom-made by seasoned professionals, our gorgeously designed mantels are created for every style, budget and taste.

Custom-Made Just for You

Every single mantel at Rustic Mantel Company is lovingly handcrafted one at a time by our expert artisans to meet every customer’s individual needs. Each rustic mantel beam shelf features dexterously intricate detailing and has been crafted using an array of reclaimed wood materials.

Our experts painstakingly make sure that each crack and crevice on our rustic mantels is hand-sanded to be smooth to the touch. Our seasoned professionals at Rustic Mantel Company are dedicated to creating custom-made mantels that are truly one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated.

Our rustic mantel beams can be found in homes across America. Whether you would like a mantel for your cabin in the woods or would like to add a touch of the log cabin appearance to your contemporary home, our rustic log mantels are the perfect addition to your living space.

Saving the Planet One Log at a Time

We deeply care for the environment and are committed to saving these beautiful ancient trees from destruction. Our rustic mantel beam shelf is created using reclaimed woods and all our materials are ecologically and sustainably sourced.

Most of our logs are reclaimed from standing dead trees or trees that have been salvaged from being burned in forest fires. Our custom-made rustic mantel beams are produced using a variety of woods, including Walnut, Red Cedar, Pecan, Osage orange and many others. Our reclaimed wood mantel beams are sure to add a touch of rustic warmth to your home.

What Makes Us Unique

We bring two decades of expertise and experience in designing and constructing timeless mantels that add a unique focal point to your home. Our inventory is stocked with a wide array of wood mantels for every budget and every style. At Rustic Mantel Company, we make no compromises on aesthetics, quality and practicality while offering great value for your every penny.

If you are looking to bring warmth and elegance to your room with a time-honored classic, our log mantels are the perfect option. They have a rustic and traditional feel to them and are flat on the top and the back, with the front and bottom of the mantel being the natural exterior.

If you are seeking something more contemporary to accent your living space, we even have modern log mantel options that you can choose. You can even custom order any size you like. Explore our varied inventory to take your pick from a range of woods, depending on their thickness, depth and character.  No matter what your preference, our mantels are expertly crafted to define your room exactly the way you like.

We can supply Rustic Mantel Beams in Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, Parker and Littleton and neighboring states Wyoming, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Nebraska and Kansas.