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Rustic Mantel Fireplace Beam and Shelf

America’s premier manufacturing and retail facility located in the foothills of Denver, Colorado – Established 1999.
As the premier rustic fireplace mantel manufacturer and retailer, Rustic Mantel Company has been bringing warmth and rustic beauty to lodges, cabins & homes since 1999. Custom made to fit any size, style and budget, our rustic mantels come in a wide selection. As a result, we have a large inventory of all mantel types and custom-made mantel options available. We manufacture Rustic Mantel, Rustic Mantel Shelf, Rustic Mantel Fireplace, Rustic Mantel Fireplace Shelf, Rustic Mantel Beam, Rustic Mantel Beam Shelf, Rustic Mantel Log, Rustic Mantel Log Shelves Rustic Wood Mantel, Rustic Wood Mantel Shelf and Rustic Mantel Fireplace Beam.

What Sets Us Apart?

It is our dedication to detail that truly sets us apart from the competition. Constructed by seasoned craftsmen, our rustic wood fireplace log beam shelf mantels are carefully created and hand sanded, ensuring every crack and crevice is smooth to the touch.

Our custom rustic mantel log mantels are available in a variety Red Cedar, Mesquite, Pecan, Osage Orange, Walnut and many more! Don’t have a log home? We also carry contemporary fireplace mantels for the homeowner who wants a more modern look.

Looking for something more traditional? Our “Old Timer” log mantels are just for you. Consisting of 1/4 round cuts from the tree, these log mantels are flat on the back and top, leaving the natural exterior of the log as the front and bottom of the fireplace mantel.

Take a moment to look over our inventory and choose the fireplace mantel logs, beams and shelfs that fits your needs. For more information on how Rustic Mantel Company can create a custom rustic mantel for you, contact us now.

Prices are based on length, thickness, depth, type of wood and character.

  • Rustic Mantel Company offers a wide variety of rustic fireplace mantels in inventory. All mantels have the natural log front – some conservative for the traditional home and others with lots of character for the mountain feel.
  • Custom Order to any size and budget.
  • Rustic Mantel Company is America’s premier dealer in rustic log fireplace mantels. A rustic log mantel brings warmth and beauty to your home and is available in all sizes and budgets. Don’t have a log home? Bring the rustic log fireplace mantel look inside…
  • We now carry contemporary fireplace mantels!!

Over 90% of our log is reclaimed from “standing dead”. The rest is salvaged from being burned. As a result, we are committed to saving these ancient trees from being destroyed.

We can supply Rustic Mantels in Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, Parker and Littleton and neighboring states Wyoming, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Nebraska and Kansas.