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Rustic Mantel Company

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Monday – Friday after 5pm by appointment, Sat – Sun 10am – 5pm by appointment.


15747 South Elk Creek Road, Pine, Colorado 80470
Tel. (303) 838-2373


From Denver, take 285 South up the mountains from C470 passing through Aspen Park and Conifer. Pine Grove is 35 minutes from C470. At Pine Junction take a left on Hwy. 126 (the only light) also known as Pine Valley Road.
It is an incredibly scenic 10 minute drive down into Pine Grove (formerly known as Pine) by the Platte River…

Once in Pine Grove, hang a left on 6th Avenue (between The Pine Emporium & Library) and then the first right on Elk Creek Road. It’s about a mile and a half up Elk Creek Road and you’ll pass the Bucksnort Saloon on the left. Stop in for a tasty hamburger and beer while sitting out on the deck, watching Elk Creek tumble down the rocky cliffs before easing into the North Fork of the South Platte River.