How to Mount / Hang a Rustic Mantel

Want to know how to mount a rustic mantel shelf? It requires a certain amount of expertise to mount a mantel. Some of the mantels, like the old barn beams, weigh about 75 to 125 pounds. These need to be installed safely.  Here is how you must go about the process of installation of the mantels. There are various methods of mounting the rustic mantel. Here are different ways on how to hang a rustic mantel.

Slide Over Bolts Method

One of the most common ways to mount the mantel is by the ‘slide over bolts method.’ It is one of the easy ways to install and provides superb strength. In this method, you need to locate studs right behind faux veneer, stone, or brick. Next, you need to drive the 0.5 inches lag screws into the studs, and the rods must penetrate 2/3rds into the fireplace mantel. A helper must support your mantel when you mark the position of support rods right on the backside of a beam. Drill the corresponding holes into the backside of the mantel and then slide it into place.

Anchored In Masonry Method

In case you are unable to locate or reach the supporting studs but have the thick masonry, you can use it for supporting the mantel. Here too you have to determine the studs and drive the lag screws into it and ensure rods penetrate 2/3rds into the mantel. Once you have inserted the lag screws, you need to chop heads off with the hack saw or angle grinder. You need to drill the corresponding holes at the back of a mantel and test to ensure you have done it correctly. The final step is applying the adhesive and sliding the mantel in place.

Backer Board Method

Another suitable method to mount the rustic mantel when you have enough room is the backer board method. First of all, you have to cut the backer board as thick as the masonry surface and high as the mantel. The next step is attaching the backer board with a couple of studs. Temporarily you need to clamp mantel to the backer board and pre-drill screw holes and complete your fireplace mantel installation.

These are the various ways by which you can easily know how to mount a rustic mantel.