What Looks Good on a Fireplace Mantel

Homeowners mostly choose the focal point of a room to install a fireplace mantel in. Since it occupies such an important area in the living room, you have to put in some effort towards ensuring that it looks attractive. You can get some accessories and decorative items and arrange them in a thoughtful manner around the fireplace mantel.

Here are some important tips for decorating your fireplace mantel:

Multiple Layers

When you add several items close to each other in a tasteful manner, it creates a certain visual depth around the fireplace mantel. You can create different types of layers using used items lying around the house. If you have decided on a particular theme for the living room or the area surrounding the mantel, you should stick to it.

Use Variations

Instead of using one type of object to decorate the area around the fireplace mantel, you can pick a variety of things. This will help in creating a sense of dynamic energy in the room. The only thing you have to make sure of is that no object or decorative piece sticks out like a sore thumb.

Put Some Pictures

Since you are putting so much effort into decorating your living room, you might as well use some pictures to make the room even more special. You can use pictures of family members, friends or relatives who are truly close to your heart and spend a lot of time with you around the fireplace mantel.

Symmetrical Decoration

In case you are running out of ideas for fireplace mantel decoration, you should use a simple one that always proves to be effective. Place one big object right in the middle and then, surround it with items that complement it. For instance, you can keep one big flower vase in the middle and place two small vases around it.

Set Up a Clock

Sometimes, simple ideas work very well, especially when it comes to decorating a fireplace mantel. Installing a vintage clock on the wall closer to the fireplace mantel is an idea that never fails. If you have a wood fireplace mantel, you could buy a big clock whose body is made of wood.

While it is fine to be inspired by somebody else, you should largely stick to your own ideas while decorating your fireplace mantel. The living room, where the mantel has been installed, should look visually appealing to both you and your guests.