What Can a Stylish Fireplace Mantel Do For Your Home?

A well-designed fireplace would not only offer you warmth during cold winters but also make the area it is installed in look more interesting. This is the major reason why a large number of people are particular about the way their fireplace mantel is designed or structured.

Here are some of the décor ideas you could use while putting together your fireplace:

Contrasting Colours

While painting the wall right above the mantel, use a colour that serves as a nice contrast to the primary wall colour in the room. While some people like the idea of matching the colours of the mantel with the trim, using a variety of colours helps in adding some vibrancy to the area. You can use colours to match some of the elements though.

Mantel Makeover

If you have been using a fireplace mantel for a long time and want it to look different, all you need to do is pull out some of the things at your home you are not using. Those very things would help you give your fireplace mantel a makeover. Colourful vases, plants kept in pots and old, vintage items are some of the things that could help you in giving your fireplace mantel a new look.

Build a Mantel

Many homeowners have a fireplace without a mantel. Using your DIY skills to put together a mantel for your fireplace could be very interesting. First, you have to find a wood beam that is as wide as your fireplace surround. If you wish for your fireplace mantel to have a rustic look, you can get the wood stained to make it look a little distressed.

Coordinated Accessories

You can use a bunch of accessories and arrange them around your fireplace to make it look interesting. While doing so, you must ensure that the accessories complement each other. For instance, if you yellow-coloured artificial flowers put up on the table, you could use cushions that are coloured in similar hues.

While you will be hiring a professional to design your fireplace, you can also use your creative energies in the process. Just write down some of the ideas you have in your mind and share them with the person who will be designing your fireplace. If you do things correctly, your fireplace mantel will become the highlight of your home.