Should Your Mantel Match The Floor?

The way a mantle is installed in a room plays an important role in determining how comfortable and organized the room appears to be. Many a time, people try to use a colour for their mantel that matches the colour of the floor. They do so to ensure that their room looks visually appealing.

Matching your mantel with the floor is not absolutely necessary. In fact, sometimes contrasting colour pallets lend an interesting vibe to the room where the mantle has been installed. Many other questions or queries, pertaining to the installation of a mantel, comes to the mind of homeowners. Let’s address some of those here.

Getting It Painted

Getting a wood mantel painted is not a bad idea. Before you do it, just make sure the wood is of good quality and is of the kind that can sustain the paint. Mostly, people think of applying paint on the wood when they feel that the mantel or the room it has been installed in looks drab or uninteresting.

Before you invest in high-quality paint, you must have a good look at the wood. If the wood appears to be rough, you will be required to polish its surface using sandpaper. If you do not have DIY skills, it would be advisable to get professional help for the same.

Type of Paint

If you wish to paint a fireplace mantel, opting for semi-gloss acrylic paint wouldn’t be a bad idea. You must be mindful about using the kind of paint that doesn’t wear off because of the heat emitted by the fireplace.

Matching Mantel with the Floor

The thought of matching the mantel with the floor molding or trim comes to you when you decide the paint its wooden surface. For instance, if your floor boasts of bright, reddish colour, you might want to paint the wooden mantel red. This would help the mantel blend in with the floor.

However, as stated earlier, matching the mantel with the floor is a matter of personal choice. Many a time, homeowners paint the wood mantel black so that it serves as a nice contrast to the white-coloured floors. Painting the different elements in a room, including a mantel, helps in adding a certain vibrancy to the overall surroundings.