Rustic Wedding Mantel Decor Ideas

6 Most Adored Rustic Wedding Mantel Decor Ideas

Wedding backdrops make a venue look charismatic for the guests. And mantelpieces can serve the same purpose of beautiful backdrops for a perfect wedding ceremony. You just need to personalize your Rustic Mantel Shelf with beautiful rustic wedding mantel decor ideas to surprise your guests and make your celebrations more special. What important is the location of the mantelpieces in your venue? Another thing to consider is whether it is just for decoration purpose or there will be fire lit in it.

After considering all the important factors, now time to choose some fantastic ideas listed here to give a memorable wedding ceremony experience to all your guests.

1) Rusty Grapevine Pumpkin With Orange Berries:

This eye-catchy combination of grapevine pumpkin and orange berries tangled in woody twigs is a perfect accent for decorating a mantel in rustic theme wedding. If you like you can also place the same combination on side tables, or hang them on walls to enhance the décor effects.

2) Rustic White and Green Mantel Decor:

You may love rustic theme a lot and may have chosen the same for your special day. But, it has to be taken care that it should not be too woodsy and fussy and not even too rustic to spoil the elegance of the theme. Keep it simple yet catchy. White and green flower arrangement on the mental complementing casual bride dress, water/wine bottles wrapped in burlap with same colour combination bow is enough to grab the attention of all guests.

3) Draped Mantel:

Create an old-world romance ambience by draping the edges of your rustic mantel with sheer fabric. Add more romantic vibes with aromatic candles, a light floral arrangement, and 2-3 tabletop mirrors. And voila! Your rustic and romantic vibe is ready in minutes.

4) Ruffle Or Fringed Hoops:

If you are dammed busy planning your or your loved one’s special day and have no idea about the latest hoop trend, this blog will help you a lot. Hoops with fringes are in as the greatest and latest wedding trend.Use this whimsical accent for your fireplace mantel by displaying hoops in different sizes.

5) Taper Candles:

Follow the traditions with tall taper candles. Decorate your rustic mantel using a row of taper candles by pairing them with gold candlesticks for a timeless regal combination.

6) Moss Letters:

The moss letters appear rich in personality and texture and can be taken home to store for some other occasion. Take advice from your florist about the seasonal blooms to create awesome effects with the perfect colour combination. Though dark green foliage and pure white flowers arrangement is evergreen.