Rustic Mantel Decorating Ideas

A well-accessorized and properly styled fireplace is loved by all. The more layers you can add to the mantel, the prettier it turns out to be. Rustic mantel decorating ideas are getting highly popular these days as people love the vintage style all over again. Starting from unframed to framed art, so many artistical pieces are getting used to decorate the mantel surrounding.

These mantel decorating ideas are also perfect for celebrating the seasonal affairs like New Year, Christmas, birthdays, or anniversaries of loved ones. When you have a lively set up in your living room, you hardly need anything else to celebrate any event.

Some Of The Most Instilling Rustic Mantel Decorating Ideas:

Fall Foliage: There can be nothing better than celebrating the fall season with the amazing delights like magnolia leaves, draped oak, stacked pumpkins, etc. Your rustic mantel fireplace shelf is going to get ready for the celebrations using these simple decorative.

Wall Art Windmill For Mantel Décor: The vintage look of the windmill placed on the mantel adds a more rustic look to it. This décor idea is perfect for farmhouses or lodging areas to offer more coziness to the visitors.

Mixed Greens Décor: Using cotton blossoms and greens around the mantel space highlight space even more. White flowers look perfectly elegant around rustic mantel place. You may also add some glass vases and books on the mantel.

Thanksgiving Mantel Décor: Decorating the mantel area using wreaths of various designs is a great idea to celebrate the occasion of thanksgiving. You may also add candle nights inside the fireplace and hang a Thanksgiving banner to complete the look.

Cozy Cabin Décor: Pine cones, fluffy pom-poms, DIY wreaths, and evergreen branches help in giving a cozy cabin look to the mantel space. It feels like you can bring the whole forest inside your living room with this décor idea.

These eye-catching arrangements are sure to offer a fascinating look to your rustic mantel space.