Rustic Mantel Decorating Ideas for Christmas

5 Gorgeous Rustic Mantel Decorating Ideas For Christmas

Christmas brings back a lot of glittering and tempting memories. It’s a sentimental phrase that is usually associated with feelings of love and prayers. Everyone tries to find best décor to make their home a perfect eye-candy for snowy season. And what else can be better than ‘a rustic’ idea?

Rustic Mantel has returned as both, a lifestyle as well as a decorating theme. The décor of your fireplace mantel can enhance the holistic style look of the entire room. This reason should be enough to gear you up for the new décor ideas for the rustic mantel in your living or bedroom.

Check these amazing rustic mantel decorating ideas for Christmas to spruce up your fireplace this Christmas.

1) Give The Old Mantel Lights A New Rustic Look:

Decorate your fireplace mantel with the full holiday spirit, you love the most. A beautifully decorated mantel in rustic theme at Christmas can give you a pure traditional as well as naturalistic feel. Be creative, convert your previously bought lights into trendy rustic look. Tie some cotton balls and jute bows at regular intervals in the light string. This ornamental rustic look will complement your rustic mantel in a great way.

2) Ruffled Gunny Or Burlap Christmas Tree:

Burlap and frills are best to give any of you décor piece a country-cum-rustic look. You can easily add a festive and rustic touch to your fireplace mantel with the help of little ruffled Christmas trees. You may buy them from market or create DIY frilled trees at home by using green & white clothes, a 2m piece of burlap, a scissor, some glue, and a stick.

3) A Stunning Pinecone Wreath:

You must be having some pinecones and a few leftover greens in store. Show your creativity by turning this useless material into a spectacular pinecone wreath or garland to enhance the rustic look of your finely crafted mantel. You can also place the same garland on the dining table or corner lamp to add extra primitive touch to your décor.

4) Christmas Balls And Pinecone Filled Wooden Lanterns:

You can very well place 2-3 small wooden lanterns on the fireplace mantel to give it a traditional festive look. The cute wooden lanterns filled with snowy white powder, Christmas Balls and pinecones give wondrous effect. The glittery and colourful Christmas balls with bow and green on the top makes the iconic look.

5) Bigger Alternative:

If you want to create a drastic change, manage a little bigger budget to style your fireplace mantel. Choose a new face for your fireplace. There is a wide range of products offered by many companies, from traditional wood to contemporary tile and stone surfaces. These materials can be installed easily on your fireplace. Re-facing the fireplace can transform the entire design of a room, so, choose only if you are ready to spend that much money and time.

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