Rustic Holiday Mantel Decor Ideas

Guide to Decorating Your Holiday Mantel in a Unique Way

Holidays are fun. It is the time when you can think of many ways to decorate your home as a part of the family tradition. Each family is different and their tastes are evident in the causal or formal way they decorate their holiday rustic mantel beam. In Western countries, fireplace takes the center-stage and fireplace mantels are spruced-up beautifully during the holiday season.

Distinctive Rustic Holiday Mantel Decor Ideas

You can steal some below-mentioned ideas to add the seasonal flourish to your home fireplace mantel decor:

Fruits – Wintry days and nights can be made livelier and attractive by adding fresh, luscious and colorful fruits over the mantel. You may create a special tree form to display various fruits interloped with leafy garlands giving it a rustic feel.
Stockings – Christmas holiday mantel decorating cannot be complete without traditional stockings hanging from the mantel. You can embroider the stockings with names of family members and stuff it with pine cones and boiled sweets. You can hang green plastic or real leafy garlands to enhance the color scheme.
Christ Photo – For a religious background, you can place the picture of the Lord. And for rustic decoration, you can collect some freshly cut holly branches, pine cones, leaves, and pheasant feathers. Such pious decoration can easily blend with your living room interiors.
Metallic – If you want to keep the mantel clutter-free, simple and yet add a touch of glamor, then you may create a lovely garland in metallic colors. For instance, a circular gold metallic showcase item surrounded by silvery candles and adorned over the sides with miniature fir trees can look spectacular.
Candies – You can doll up the mantel by keeping pretty glass containers that are filled with colorful hard candies. You can buy tasty red and white peppermint drops and give your fireplace a sweet holiday touch. Add a rustic look by placing crudely made glass containers.
Mirror – You can keep your family heirloom mirror to create a blessed and lovely impact on the living room. Prepare the surrounding space with silver or white accents and add some lush natural greenery from your backyard. It is a popular mantel decor idea that has been adopted by thousands of American families.
Crystals – If you believe in the soft healing powers of earthy crystals, then you can make your mantel sparkle with numerous rustic medium-sized crystals such as bright jade, shiny obsidian, glowing aquamarine, and sea-green turquoise stones.

The family room or living area space in your home holds a prime position as the heart of the house. When it comes to planning fun rustic holiday mantel decor ideas, your fireplace mantel is transformed into a precious space showcasing the spirit of the home. Thus, you need to decorate it in different unique ways for every holiday season. If you choose a rustic theme, then make sure to get help from online sources for some great ideas.

The mantel echoes your sentiments when you spend quality time with loved ones. Over laughter and smiles exchanged by the fireplace to placing last-minute shopped gifts, fireplace mantel is your silent witness to memorable holidays celebrated with friends and families.