Rustic Farmhouse Mantel Decor Ideas

5 Most Captivating Rustic Farmhouse Mantel Decor Ideas

The rustic décor theme means farmhouse style for many who love the forest wood or patina of age-old hardwoods. And if you are reading this blog, it shows you intensely love them too. Surprisingly it is very simple to work on the aesthetic of your Rustic Mantel Fireplace Shelf. You must be thinking, how?

Well, read carefully the amazing yet practical rustic farmhouse mantel decor ideas shared here to give a professional finish to your favourite fireplace mantel.

1) Candles Engraved Log:

The mystic beauty of wonderfully engraved candles in an old wooden log, smoothened to satin soft touch, is unconceivable mantel decoration idea. It gives a perfect country look to your farmhouse. You can light up your fireplace without even setting it on fire and can enjoy your cosy space, great idea, no? Not only for Farmhouse rather you can use this great idea for weddings, gifts, cabins or at the place, but you would also be benefited from a bit of natural rustic light.

2) Woodsy Wreath In Chic Frame:

This inspirational idea is all about bringing contrasting elements together. Take a rough and old looking wooden frame, with a polished finish. Coat it with rococo blue on outer and bright white on interiors, like perfect French chic beauty. Now place a gorgeous wreath in the centre of the frame to support and complement the frame tone.

3) Make It Time Perfect:

Highlight your fireplace mantel with a big weather-worn wood clock for perfect farmhouse charm. Use two black lanterns with candles on both edges of the mantel. Place 2-3 moss topiary balls and some dried grass or twigs in a wooden holder next to the clock. This immaculate rustic décor theme for your farmhouse mantel will surely appeal to every eye.

4) Cascading Vines:

Take a wooden tray or a bamboo basket to hang it horizontally in the centre of your mantel backdrop. Make a burlap bow and tie it with few vines. Now, fix it anywhere at the basket or tray, the way it appeals you. Place two aqua jars or vases on both sides of the mantel to hold pretty spring flowers. Fill the centre space of mantel with long cascading vines and lovely pink flowers to create picturesque beauty. Your fireplace mantel will become a focal point of the reception space at your farmhouse definitely.

5) Farm Fresh Woodsy Medley with Mixed Greens:

Position 3-4 old/ useless window frames in the middle of the mantel. Try to create an interesting look/pattern by overlapping all of them. Start layering the arrangement with different items like glass vases, topiary greens, white flowers and few wooden bird cut-outs. Don’t follow symmetry in height rather combination of small and big looks classier.

There is no limit to rustic farmhouse mantel decor ideas until you haven’t stopped loving the ‘Mother Nature’ and are creative by heart. You can turn your imagination into reality with the creative, professional and trained craftsmen if you cannot spare enough time out of your busy schedule. Besides the wonderful ideas, the company provides a wide range of services and products made to perfection.