How to Install a Rustic Fireplace Mantel

A rustic fireplace mantel can be a great addition to your home décor. It can help in uplifting the mood instantly and adds coziness to the entire surrounding. Now installing a fireplace mantel can be quite a tough job. However, if you know the perfect methods or steps to follow, the process turns quite easy. In this discussion, you can figure out perfectly as to how to install a Rustic Mantel Fireplace Beam.

There are several approaches that one can follow to install a fireplace. The most vital thing in the process is identifying the height suitable for the mantel to get placed. This ensures that there is perfect safety maintained inside the house.

Slide-Over Bolts Method:

This is a common method that gets followed to install fireplaces. The installation process is quite simple, and it also offers great strength to the mantel place.

Masonry Method:

In this method, you need to make holes inside the brickwork and then using the hammer you can fix the bolts to place the fireplace. To apply this method, you must ensure that your masonry work is quite hard and sturdy to support the fireplace.

Stud-Supported Corbel Method:

This method helps in making your rustic fireplace look more decorative and creative. Corbels also help in making the mounting structure of the fireplace extremely strong. Use bolts to fasten the studs and corbel together. After that, you can start with the installation of the masonry and fireplace. Then use adhesives on the corbels to place the mantel in the perfect position.

Other Points To Note:

Use French cleats to surround the mantel place.

If your rustic mantel is quite a heavy one, use number of studs for better protection.

To create floating mantels, place them away from the stone work.

If you are still quite unsure and are not feeling confident enough as to how to install a rustic fireplace mantel, call upon experts for assistance.