How to Make a Rustic Beam Mantel

Designing a rustic beam mantel for your restaurant business or house can add a mysterious and warm look to the surrounding. You can make the wooden beam of the mantel look rustic and old in an interesting manner. Follow some simple steps in the guide below, and your customized rustic mantel place is ready to get installed.

What Do You Need?

Here is the list of simple materials that can help you get the answer to how to make a rustic beam mantel:

> Pine boards in white of different sizes

> Chopping saw

> Wood glue

> Nail gun

> Hammer, chisel, nails, chains, etc.

> Wood putty

> Poly and stain

> Sand paper and sander

For hanging the mantel, you need a hammer, drill machine, and wood screws.

Steps Involved In How To Make A Rustic Beam Mantel:

> Chop the boards to give them the desired shape of the mantel

> Use nails and glue to hold the boards in place perfectly

> Smoothen the end of the wood beams to give a seamless appearance to the mantel space

> Distressing the mantel beam is a crucial step to follow. Create dents, scratches, and dings in the wood using a hammer, screw tip, etc. You can give the beam any desired shape to make it look rustic and old.

Filling In The Boom Beam:

After you complete with distressing the wooden beam, fill it using wood putty. Next, using sand paper, you can smoothen out the chiseled marks made on the beam to give it a more worn-out look. Finally, comes staining the beam. Apply multiple coats of stains to give a warm look to the mantel. Maintaining gaps in between the coats is quite important.

Finally, when your rustic mantel piece is ready, it is time to hang the beam accurately at the desired place. Using hanging corbels to secure the beam on the wall is a great idea to install a rustic mantel. Your fascinating rustic beam is now ready to use!