How to Make a Mantel Look Rustic

If you are planning to add some vibrant looks to your house, then a rustic mantel shelf can uplift the space instantly. It is a perfect solution to renovate the interior of any house or office or lodge in a budget. Making the mantel place look rustic and distressed is quite a creative work. It helps to add the perfect warmth to the corner of your house.


Things You Need To Make The Mantel Place Look Rustic
Wood board of 6ft size
Tools for making the wood look distressed like hatchet, screws, and hammer
Minwax poly wipe-on finish
Dark walnut colored Minwax stain
Old rugs
Paint brush


How To Make A Mantel Look Rustic?

The process of making the wood beams look rustic is more an art form than a science. There is no particular method in which you can make the mantel appear rustic. Thus, making random distress marks in multiple directions of the beam is a great idea to make the product look authentic.

Remember your aim to make your mantel appear weathered and old. So, using sandpaper strips on the beams and give it a distressed look while keeping the appearance uniform.


Seal And Stain The Mantel

Now that the distressing part is over, next comes staining the mantel. Use stain in dark walnut color to give a warm accent to your living room. Applying two coats of the stain offers a fascinating look to the mantel. You can also give an uneven coloring to the beams so that the weathered look gets retained.

After the stain gets dried up, you can seal the mantel beam using poly wipe-on. Leave it to dry over the night, and your beautiful mantel space is now ready to use.

So, you see the answer to how to make a mantel look rustic is so simple and gets completed in just a few steps. You can now decorate your rustic mantel for Christmas or New Year or any other festivities.