How to Install Rustic Mantel

Mantel is the area which surrounds the fireplace and is made of either stone or wood. In a mantel, there are two legs and a shelf and is normally very decorative. A Rustic Mantel Fireplace Shelf is generally made of word or weathered stone and has the same installation process as other mantels. Below is the process of how to install rustic mantel.

See If the Mantel Fits

A rustic mantel is not custom made to fit different fireplaces individually. This is why you have to see if the mantel that you like fits your fireplace properly. There might be a slight variation in the size, and you would have to see which one fits the best. Also, make sure that the level of the mantel is correct with the fireplace; otherwise, you might have to make a few changes.

Prepare It Properly

A rustic wooden mantel is normally not finished and is still in its raw state. After you have chosen your mantel, you can tell the worker to prepare it and give it the right texture as you want. This is the stage where you can paint it or design it as you want.

Brace The Mantel

The next stage would be to brace the mantel so that it can correctly be attached to the fireplace. Any installations that need to be made to ensure that the mantel is properly braced would have to be done in this stage.

Install The Mantel

After you go through all this process, then you have to install the mantel finally. Here you have to ensure that the fitting is proper and there are no loose areas. Keep it into place and screw it properly.

You can see the tips as mentioned above on how to install rustic mantel. Follow these tips to install a well-decorated mantel to match the surroundings.