Best Wood For Rustic Mantel

A rustic mantel space built around the stone fireplace looks simply amazing. It looks like a colonial homestead or mountain retreat inside your living area. To build an amazing looking fireplace, you need to choose your wood quite carefully. It is better if you do not use softwood for the mantel area as it does not absorb nicks and soot. It can also get dent quite quickly.

Native Hardwoods:

The best wood for the rustic mantel is the native woods. They assure accuracy in the shape of the mantel and also look quite distinctive. This hardwood variety helps to complement the décor of any living area. In the category of native woods, buckthorn has a peachy tone. If you are looking something soothing in your mantel area, then this wood variety can be the perfect one.

Green-barked acacia and California buckeye are also good options for the rustic mantel. They have golden highlights and impart a warm texture to the rustic mantel fireplace beam area. Mesquite is another variety of native hardwood that is dark in color. Mountain mahogany has russet currents that also complement various types of décor ideas.

How To Choose The Native Woods For Rustic Mantel?

There are several points to consider while choosing the wood variety. You must check the quality of wood that you are using for your fireplace design. The next most vital thing to check is the hue of the wood that you are installing. The color must match the existing décor and furniture of your living space to complement the decoration accurately.

Some Other Points To Note While You Choose The Best Wood For Rustic Mantel:

Always make sure you choose the plain plank for the mantel shelf and never use anything that has a glossy finish. Recycled wood is always best for rustic fireplace design. It is less expensive as well and adds an antique look to the fireplace.

The correct type of wood can breathe in new life to the fireplace at your home or office.